Monday, 14 April 2008

So I've made a new blog over at:-

Please stop by and follow my journey in the world of affiliate marketing.



Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Thinking, Rare for me huh?

So once again I've not been updating but whats new? Anywho, now im ill and off college I've had time to think about my ideas and the future.

Im going to throw out most ideas as im starting to think they will never get done and im starting to move on to new hopefully better ideas overall, still involving websites. Lets hope I get something done this time round and can start to make some money!

Moving on to my thoughts about the future, its scary. Thinking about what I want to specialise as in IT and other stupid things such as money etc. certanly having £1 in your bank till payday is somewhat worrying.

I really want to succeed at this game they call life and be up there with the likes of Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne and Richard Branson by creating a new business (or a few). I honestly have no idea how im going to go about it or when I will but I KNOW I want to make something of myself.

Anyway Im off for now to think somemore.


Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Really this is stupid...

I keep forgetting about this blog!

Everything I had planned has been put on hold I honestly cant see when I'll get round to developing them at this time.

Lifes pretty crazy right now between a HNC at college, Work and all the other random joys of life!

Hopefully I'll remember to update this time and can get these projects into development again soon but time will tell!

Thanks for reading, if you still are.


Thursday, 7 June 2007

So I forgot...

Nice little update as to why I aint been posting much lately and where the promised blogs vanished to.

Basicly its been a pretty crazy few months! Been doing a lot of overtime at work along side all my college work which im glad to say is almost finished (3 days of college left!) and of cource trying to fit in time to see friends, cant go forgetting them right?

The said blogs were under development but due to all this they fell behind by a month or more, however I will be looking to get these underway over the long summer months as now with the changes at work there may not be much overtime going soon! I have some intresting topics in mind so it should be fun.

So from now on I'll be doing my best to keep everyone updated regularly (might not quite be daily but we'll see) on my happenings in life and whats going on with my websites/blogs!

Thanks a lot guys!


Random Post

Random Post

(Was done for a class in college haha)

Blog Link

Here is the link to my blog:-

Cheers guys.


Late update!


I passed my driving test (in mid april) - Ages ago but heh this is a late update!

Umm... College is going well.

Umm... Yea thanks. Update soon!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Aww Sad Day

What can I say?

I've been pretty down about failing my driving test all day, not realy got up to much. Went to starbucks for a moca, got some shopping n came home n sat around chatting on msn and updating websites/blogs + working on some college work.

Night flew in after about 6pm!

I'll try and remember to update you all tommorow but I have college and work, so it'll be a super long day 8am - 10:30pm pretty much! Hopefully something intresting will happen.

Cheers folks,


p.s. I'll update you on some of my new blogs soon, they are currently just being set up right now though.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Well today at 8:40am GMT I took my second driving test, and I'm sorry to say I failed again.

Most of the test went pretty good until the examiner asked me to clear the windows when I should have been indicating for the roundabout and therefor got a fail for late indication when necessary. I don't really agree with what happened and I guess you could say feel pretty cheated by it BUT I guess I just have to live with it and get the next test booked.

Cheers folks,